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Leonardo Chiodi

September 12, 2020

Illustrated Swimmer

In a quick search, we can find two main definitions for the word "Ride":


direct transitive and intransitive
to go or drive (someone or an animal) somewhere, with the aim of (if) entertaining or exercising; go on a tour.
"walked through the city every night"


move, flow, slide, wander.
"the creek walked between the banks"

The purpose of this journal is closely associated with this term. Here, entertaining and exercising have a very strong connection to the construction of our Tours. Cultural pieces and works that entertain and amuse us, but also raise awareness and exercise.

They exercise restless minds that seek dialogue with the most different points of view, in order to develop their own tools and help create a different (better) future for an already doomed world.

We think about creating this environment because we know the power of this relationship between culture and innovation. Academic environments must dialogue more with corporate environments, which, in turn, must also better understand the rich dynamics of a country that looks more like a cultural melting pot that bubbles incessantly.


We want to invite you to walk through streets, cities, environments in the most fluid way possible. Slow down, feel and observe what passes along the banks of the river that we navigate at an accelerated pace.  


In A Free World Tour, Chico Science says that "one step ahead and you are no longer in the same place".


It doesn't matter what your preferred way of traveling is. If you like to always follow the same itinerary or change routes every day. We always have a different absorption when we allow ourselves to pay attention to our surroundings.

As Carl Honoré says in his book Devagar: "The smartest and most creative people know perfectly well when to let their minds wander."






Our idea here is that each Tour opens different doors for your perception. Tours in the form of images, videos, audios and readings. We want to provoke, question, aggregate and share.


The invitation is done!





Here, Innovation and Culture go hand in hand. But are there places that these two fields do not walk in relation? Let this call be given in  parallel or in plots that get confused and shuffle?


We believe that every innovation is a solution with a positive and sustainable impact to a complex problem. Every solution arises from some relationship that the people involved have with aspects of this problem.  


Every solution is related to the repertoire of those who built it. Whether this construction is carried out collectively or individually.  


The absorption and development of repertoire is fundamental for those who wish to have a stimulating creative range. Such empathy, exalted with such enthusiasm, is worthless without a sociocultural repertoire capable of adjusting to different contexts.


Hence the importance of walking.

Many people cling to the idea that leisure is the enemy, in favor of a productivity that no longer makes sense.

They feel bad about taking time for themselves. Who defines what is productive or not?


In "The Right to Literature", Antonio Candido works with the concept of "incomprehensible goods", to which all people should be entitled, not only those that ensure physical survival at decent levels, but also those that guarantee spiritual integrity, related to our humanities.

From my own experience, much of the repertoire I have (not a complete one, I'm 25 years old and still a lot to observe and absorb) I wandered aimlessly and observing - in cities, entering streets, museums, and other environments (public, of course! ) that I didn't know; or even from home, digging through my parents' old books or aimlessly surfing the internet, trying to delve into things that entertain me.

And that's valuable.


Wanting to understand a little more about the context of the reference given by an artist in the line of a certain song he composed that I heard with a friend; or delve into the work I saw in a certain museum; understand more of a character's speech in a movie or in the community history of a neighborhood I passed on my way to college.


Not being part of a spectator audience in an era of information bombardment helps us to be an active part of the transformation of scenarios, taking this toxic aspect out of idleness.


I do not speak much. So I've always found it easier to observe and actively try to understand while my head boils as I try to absorb stimuli.


These stimuli are fundamental for me to be able to develop as a person and professional in constant formation and "deformation".


Every kind of knowledge deserves attention. As indigestible as a certain cultural manifestation may seem to you, don't be prejudiced. It's important not to jump to conclusions before experimenting. You can be sure that you will learn something, even if unconsciously, in the future.


Our method of analysis and construction of new realities must go through art.



Watching movies.  


Reading books.  


Listening to music albums. We've lost some of that habit with the growth of streaming and reformatting platforms in the music industry. Playlists are cool, but have you ever tried to visit a full album and understand the train of thought created by the artists involved in the work?


Going to museums. As I write this text, we are still unable to attend museums in person. But we'll give some interesting tips on places that are being translated to the digital environment, further democratizing their access; which is very important.


Daring to understand new stimuli. We see a lot of people proudly claiming that they don't like that kind of music, or that certain religion. But has this person ever stopped to listen to what those responsible for these manifestations and the people influenced by them have to say? What messages do they want to convey and what is the journey that culture takes on a daily basis in interaction with its audience?


Meditating. It's a hell of a ride. Emptying your head and feeling the present helps a lot to organize the stimuli we receive.


Going deeper into what makes us good. I really like to search for the references of my references and, in this way, delve into these works. By doing this, we discover new authors, tools, social organizations, etc.


Writing. A really cool exercise to do to exercise the repertoire we absorb is to open a notebook and start writing whatever comes to mind. Exploring our own mind helps to get ideas out and seek relationships between them.



But  now we have a provocation to make you in the next Pico .

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