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Lab Test

September 12, 2020

Ice Cream Cone

Some tips from the Test team that

helped to strengthen our  Repertoire:

Dani Martins

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  • [Book] Creativity SA of  Ed Catmull

    • It deals in a very light and realistic way the construction of pixar as something it is: a company. The more companies grow, the greater the tendency to implement new bureaucracies, processes and routines that can end up eroding motivation and killing the team's creativity. In the book, Ed Catmull all his mistakes and learnings in managing this company that played a big role in the childhood of all of us, and demonstrates how he applied human-centric, agile and lean approaches/methodologies when it was not widely talked about, simply accepting changes and leading with a focus on its employees, respecting the authenticity of each one. Learn more .

  • [Book] The Magic of Silence, by  Kankyo Tannnier

    • I see that in the innovation market, we exchange the many hours of work that we so criticized for many hours of studies and certifications. Study is far from a bad thing, but keeping up with the same pace that the past generation kept with a new purpose seems to me just a new way of doing the same thing.
      The book A Magia do Silêncio brings in a light and relaxed way the importance of "walking" inside ourselves, through the landscapes and through our relationships in a conscious and practical way, with exercises that can be applied even during the coffee break. The impact of this type of silence (both of the mind, eyes, and body) is something remarkable, especially when your work demands creativity.
        Learn more .

  • [Book] Design for a complex world, by Rafael Cardoso

    • It demonstrates the social and philosophical role of design, especially in the "web" world in which we live, and questions the tradition of teaching on the subject in academies. Written by a Brazilian, it brings a new vision of Design in Brazil, something we haven't talked about for a long time, as we always focus our learning on European Design. Learn More .

  • [Exhibitions] SESC at home

    • SESC has been bringing a lot of cool content, both movies, music and home theater plays. Always the scene of a lot of culture and many Sunday outings, they managed to continue fulfilling this role even in the scenario of social isolation. You  Did you think it was possible to watch a play produced remotely? Access .

  • [Book] On Trend, by Devon Powers

    • A very headstrong book aimed at the trending market, something that is hard to find, considering that most of them cover methodologies and formulas for mapping the new. There are parts where the reading gets a little denser, but, in any case, it brings very interesting points of view about the area, addressing sociopolitical and ethical issues. A big question that remains is: for whom, and by whom, are the possible futures being built? Learn more .

  • [Podcast] Design Tomorrow, by Christopher Butler

    • In English (especially the first episode): this podcast covers themes that navigate between design, technology, humanity and the future. It has an interesting, more contemplative format, which privileges reflection. The first episode talks about the "magic of ordinary objects", and is an ode to everyday products, which we fail to see due to their omnipresence, but which have a very positive impact on our well-being.

Fabio Iori

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Pedro Piovan

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  • [Book] The Drunkard's Walk, by Leonard Mlodinow.

    • This book is interesting for our subject not only because its title relates chance to the drunk, but mainly because it shows a series of examples and research that demonstrate that chance is one of the main factors that determine our future. Rather than distancing ourselves from chance, Mlodinow invites all readers to embrace chance and live with it in a healthy way. Learn more .

  • [Movie]  Midnight in Paris, from  woody allen  

    • A masterpiece that shows the tour as a possibility to have new perspectives on life, leaving the barrier between reality and the imaginative porous to create new possibilities for the future. One of those movies that doesn't really matter if you like the synopsis, director or actor, but it's a movie that everyone should watch because of its importance in cinema history. Learn more .

  • [Game Book]  By chance or by Fate.

    • A game book that is able to entertain and teach how to relate to the chance of life and destiny. It's worth having fun with yourself and the ideas that might pop into your mind after it! Learn more .

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