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Lab Test

17  of October  2020

Castelo inflável

Some play tips from the Essay team

that will help turn the key of your Creativity:

Dani Martins

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  • [Book] Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon

    • In particular the chapter "Use your hands", where the author brings the importance of connecting physically with some activity, turning off the screens and doing crafts, which contributes a lot to our creativity. Learn more .

  • [Joke] Release what's stuck

    • get some options  of paint/crayons/colored pencils/whatever you want and paint, without much purpose, a canvas or a paper. As he has no initial idea, like "I'm going to draw an elephant", for example, he has no frustration. The idea is to relax and have fun (yes, it needs to be a moment of letting go of the world of productivity)

  • [Book] O Clown and the Psychoanalyst, by Claudio Thebas

    • There is a case in the book that the author tells  that took a dynamic to a kindergarten  and, before the dynamic starts,  a child  asked if they could play before doing the proposed activity. When Thebas asked why, the child  he replied: "because after we play, we become friends" (I don't know if this could be an indication, but I kept that phrase in my heart) .​ Learn more .

  • [Stand-Up] Make Happy, by Bo Burnham

    • I don't even know if I can call this stand-up. But Bo expresses all his genius by playing different languages in a way I've never seen before. Laughter comes with the unexpected subverting all expectations of those who play in this performance that makes us laugh, feel a little uncomfortable and reflect through play.

  • [Book] All Poetry, by Paulo Leminski

    • Here we understand what it is to play with words. Only that.    ​ Learn more .

  • [Game] Who am I?

    • This one you probably already know. But it's really good, it's even a great pre-dynamic warm-up and workshops. ​ Each player writes on a piece of paper the name of a current personality.  all roles  are shuffled and randomly distributed. Each player must paste their role  without seeing it on the forehead.  One at a time, each player asks a question to which the other players must answer “yes” or “no”.

  • [Documentary] Design for Play, Abstract episode

    • In this brilliant episode of Netflix's Abstract series, Cas Holman, founder and designer of a toy company, talks about the importance of children and adults playing with creativity. ​

  • [YouTube] Simone Giertz Channel

    • Simone is a Swedish inventor and engineer who has a YouTube channel where she explores the creation of "useless" things and robots, showing us the importance of science and learning. From a robot that brushes our teeth to the transformation of a Tesla hatch into a pickup.​ It's really worth it!

  • [Book] Play and Reality, by Donald W. Winnicott

    • The British psychoanalyst explores the origins of creativity through childhood spontaneity and how we can rescue this root to become part of adult life,  clarifying the dynamics of human encounters and their effects, healthy or pathological.  Learn more .​

Leo Chiodi

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Pedro Piovan

  • [Book] Toys from the Floor, by Ghandy Piorski

    • It explores how nature and the present imagery of the ground can take our minds from scarce spaces and take our imaginations to different possibilities of construction. It's a very inspiring book to "get us out of the box" and put us in the field of possibilities through play. Learn more .

  • [Documentary]  White Stripe, from Rhoden Cocoa  

    • For me it was a remedy; eg a documentary/manifesto that shows the importance of playing for us to be able to live more desirable moments. For me, videography is mandatory for anyone.

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