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Lab Test

14  from November  2020


Some tips  from the Rehearsal team that will

help you understand how to design a possible future:

Jessica Piovan

  • [Documentary] Network Dilemma

    • On popular lips, this is an American "Docudrama" directed by Jeff Orlowski and written by Orlowski, Davis Coombe and Vickie Curtis. It was released by Netflix on September 9, 2020. The film analyzes the role of social networks and the damage they cause to society. Learn more .

  • [Book] Raw Deal, by Steven Hill

    • A very interesting and necessary book that explores how the "Uber economy" uses other examples of companies that are affecting the lives of workers in different sectors. Learn more .

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Fabio Iori

  • [Book] Design for the real world, by Victor Papanek

    • It is a book that was first published in 1971, but with themes that are still relevant and timeless. In it, Papanek discusses how we can trigger design for social, ecological and "human" themes, without the focus on capital, so linked to design in more recent history. Learn more .

  • [Documentary] The Bill Gates Code, on Netflix

    • The documentary offers a deeper insight into the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation's philanthropic initiatives (among other topics). Here, it's nice to see how collaboration and design have incalculable strength in solving highly complex problems that are beyond the mainstream's vision. Learn more .


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Pedro Piovan

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  • [Book] Good Living: an Opportunity to Imagine Other Worlds, by Alberto Costa

    • This book can be a great inspiration for us, who want to live in the world in a co-constructed reality, in a different way as it is today. It's worth it not only for the philosophy of good living, but also because it's  discounted on Amazon through our link here i.

  • [Documentary]  Gaga: Five Foot Two on Netflix

    • For me it was a remedy; eg a documentary/manifesto that shows the importance of playing for us to be able to live more desirable moments. For me, videography is mandatory for anyone.Learn more .

  • [Documentary] A New Capitalism on Netflix

    • ​ Still immersed in Netflix, I recommend this movie that is an attempt to answer the question in this edition. I don't think it's the way out, but I see hot tips in this movie on how we can get started. Learn more .

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