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12  from December  2020

Filme drive-in

Some tips  from the Rehearsal team that will

help you understand how to design a possible future:

Dani Martins

  • [Documentary] How Long Does Time Have, by Netflix

    • Documentary that reflects on our relationship with time throughout society's evolution. Learn more .

  • [Movie] The Price of Tomorrow,  Andrew Niccol

    • In this feature,  people need to work to earn more life, not money. The longer on your watch, the richer you are. It brings a critique of when it's really worth running so much, in addition to demonstrating the social abyss in which we live. Learn more .

  • [Movie] A Matter of Time, by Richard Curtis

    • Cute film, but that reflects the way we live our days, always wanting to go back or forward in time, without enjoying the now .​ Learn more .

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Fabio Iori

  • [Magazine] Week "There's no time, right?" of the range

    • There are a number of contents that address the issue of time, from contemporary points of view (pandemic included). The magazine aims to propose reflections on new models for dealing with this issue, in order to develop a healthier relationship with the demands of modern life. Learn more .

  • [Movie] The Bicentennial Man

    • (Trauma from my childhood, lol)  The movie is really cool for exercising our empathy with a humanoid robot, which doesn't have the same "expiration date" as humans. When you don't have the perspective of death, how is our relationship with time? With this questioning, Andrew the robot, played by Robbie Williams, begins to develop his own yearnings. Learn more .


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Pedro Piovan

  • [Music] Time, by Pink Floyd

    • Particularly one of my favorite songs from Dark Side of The Moon.  

  • [Podcast]  Afrofuturo: episode "Time"

    • Lala Deheinzelin once told me this "if you understand that you are only seeing one half, what would the other half be like?" - and I think this episode is about that. What if there were other explanations about time than what we understand? Learn more .

  • [Film] Bacurau, by Kleber Mendonça Filho

    • ​ Besides the fact that you have to see Bacurau, whether you like it or not,  is a film that reflects the attempt to exterminate any model of time that is not the hegemonic one. It's really worth it. In fact, I really consider it mandatory, lol.

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