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January 23, 2021

Avião de papel

Some tips from our team about

who is really trying to make it happen:

Dani Martins

  • [Interview] Emicida at Roda Viva

    • As I commented in the text I wrote in Pico earlier, this interview is a class in reality and vision of society by one of the greatest creatives in the current scenario. Learn more .


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Fabio Iori

  • [Documentary] On the Dirty Money Route, Netflix

    • A very provocative American documentary, in miniseries format, that tells stories of corporate corruption in the US. It's available on Netflix. Learn more .


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Pedro Piovan

  • For me there is one person who can think of brand positioning like no one else: Seth Godin


From him, I want to recommend:

- your daily newsletter , worth reading every day

(It's short, stay calm and calm).

- your book, purple  Cow .


  • I also recommend  this article from HBR , which teaches how to make a human mark, taking into account all the restrictions and limits that exist in this process.

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Leo Chiodi

  • [Author] Real Startup

    • Extremely provocative profile on the scenario of entrepreneurship, technology, startups and work in general. Proposes grounded reflections and produces mocking tirades, it's worth checking out his podcast , his twitter account and his book .

  • [Book] Design Policies

    • Written by authors from all over the world, this book gives us an overview of how design has been thought of since the dawn of humanity, from pictograms to logos and the age of data. Learn more .


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Vinicius Bolognese

  • [Documentary] Disney's Imagineering Story +

    • ​ It's a series that shows the "behind the curtains" of Disney parks, how the engineers that are the Imagineers (mixture of engineers with imagination) rack their brains to bring the people who go to the park the best experience, like, everything centered on the human being. Learn more .

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