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Pedro Piovan

February 13, 2021

Image by Hidde van Esch

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Oops, guys! How are you? Here who speaks is Pedro Piovan. We've already met on some tours, some moments... And today I'm here with you to talk a little bit about how we can adopt innovation as part of our strategy.

I'm going to make a very specific cut, talking about how Essay did it.



And then you can ask me the following:  "Pedro, you're kidding, aren't you? You're already an innovation consultancy, you're essentially innovators."


But I'm talking about a place where, as an entrepreneur, we know that what the value offer we offer to the market is difficult to implement within the company. So it's normal for us to go through challenges to make that happen.


I'm talking about a place that knows it's not easy to do for yourself what you do for others.


Well, I didn't let this logic happen, because since the beginning of Essay, everything we do for our clients, we try to do for our clients. One thing that was evident here at Ensaio is that, from the beginning, we knew that we couldn't stop innovating.


As much as Design Thinking, Agile Methods and all these innovation models will not necessarily cease to exist in the timeline, we know that the world is very uncertain, things change very quickly, so we need to adopt an innovation strategy that maintains the life of Ensaio in a long tail, always growing.


So I decided to adopt a strategic innovation framework. What I'm going to talk to you about here is the strategic framework that the entire Essay follows to keep us always with a great innovative capacity.


Well, if you follow us, you already know that we create a lot and release a lot and we are always doing something new. This is not out of nowhere.


This happens because we have a strategic framework that guarantees that we are innovating at all times.  Let's go to it:


Innovation happens because we pull 5 levers.

First: we do things that work. We create innovative services and products that really matter. In other words, our products and features really manage to generate innovation. If our services weren't able to generate innovation for our customers, they won't be able to generate it for us. If our consulting team manages to implement and make tangible innovation that really matters to our clients, out of inertia, we will seek to implement this in our restless culture.

The second lever we pull is that we seek to expand the perceived value of our customers in the same proportion as we transform their lives.

An example: a customer or partner that goes through an innovation project, a transformation happens there. And we want that, in the same proportion as this transformation happened, we are able to expand the value of this company.  

That after this process they do not see innovation just as a bootcamp, or design thinking, but as something bigger that can be used in various other areas within the company. The idea is that this second lever expands the perceived value of innovation.

This brings us to the third lever.

By expanding the perception of value, we are commended. That's because we can prove that innovation works. In this strategic lever, we seek recommendations, new purchases, new services, new ways for our customers to achieve innovation. The idea is that the market and our customers, because they want more, will push new demands and that is a super positive pressure for Ensaio to create and improve products.

The fourth lever is as follows:

Since we are expanding our customer base, we want to lead a community that discusses innovation. We understand that, while we manage to carry out innovation projects, we expand a community that talks and exchanges about it. By discussing more about innovation, Ensaio will learn more and more from the market pains, its needs and this will make us more adherent to the market's day-to-day demands so that we can offer new products and forms to add value.

The fifth lever is acquisition.

More and more we increase our operation, more and more we find it difficult to propose a solution to all the needs that arise, so we start a strategy to acquire new businesses so that we can meet these needs.

The idea is that these five levers all work at the same time. They don't have a condition to happen, but the fact is that all of them pressure us to always try to meet some demand that we discover in the middle of the processes: whether for a product, a relationship with the customer, with our community, etc.

We are always suffering from two pressures: that of creating/improving new products and that we are always discovering what the new demands are so that we can help our community and customers and solve their problems.

These are the five levers of strategic innovation at Ensaio.

I think you can implement it, not necessarily our way, but it's a great analogy for you to implement in your ecosystem. Assay is not a big company, so you may be able to implement this model in your team, which may be the size of Essay!

I hope this strategic innovation management framework is fruitful for you and that you are able to implement it in your daily life. Tell me how it went and I hope to see you here soon. Hug!

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