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Lab Test

February 13, 2021

Image by Tom Roberts

Some tips from our team about

who is really trying to make it happen:

Dani Martins

  • [Article] 5 Nike GO FlyEase UX Lessons

    • A really cool article that lists 5 human-centric user experience tips that the new Nike shoe, the GO FlyEase, provokes us to do. Learn more .


  • [Startup] Reframd

    • A startup that brought a very cool solution: they design sunglasses for black people, in order to bring more comfort to use due to Negroid features (wider nose, for example). Learn more .

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Fabio Iori

  • [Platform] Colab

    • A platform that unites the population with the public sector to solve problems identified by the inhabitants. In addition, municipalities can also make public consultations through the application. Personally, I have already made some complaints and suggestions that were promptly resolved by the city. I recommend! Learn more .


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Pedro Piovan

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  • [Book] Walden or Life in the Woods, by HD Thoreau

    • An old book, but with a very current proposal; for us here, I see he teaches us that innovation can be simple and incremental. Thoreau puts us to think about what really matters and what doesn't - in innovation, being clear about this is essential. Learn more .

  • [Book] Peak Innovation, by Ahi Gvirstman

    • More didactic than Ahi? Impossible; here he details a robust process for transforming a traditional business culture into an innovative one. With no silver bullet, he shows what he actually did, not what he thinks people should do (for me, the book's main value, included). Learn more .

  • [Book] The Startup Owner's Manual, by Bob Dorf and Steve Blank

    • ​ Unsuspecting readers who read the title think this is a book for startup owners; whoever reads it more carefully realizes that this book is a crystal clear manual for any ecosystem that wants to have a culture of innovation. Do you want to guide an innovative culture in your team? This is the manual. Learn more .

  • [Book] This is Service Design in Practice

    • This book provides a comprehensive introduction to service (and any product) design, describes the main activities, provides instructions for using the most important tools, and methods. It covers conducting workshops, implementing concepts, designing services in organizations, as well as case studies from around the world. Learn more .  

  • [Book] Play to Win

    • Building a winning strategy is hard work, which requires people and companies to make specific choices – something that most people don't do, however. Two of today's best-known business thinkers go to the heart of strategy, explaining what it's for, how to think about it, why it's needed, and how to implement it. Learn more .

  • [Book] Assess What Matters

    • ​ John Doerr reveals how the Key Objectives and Results (OKRs) system has helped tech giants like Intel and Google achieve exponential growth—and how it can help any organization thrive. Learn more .


Jessica Piovan

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