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Rehearsal Guys

March 13, 2021

Image by Bench Accounting

Some tips from our team about

who is really trying to make it happen:

Dani Martins

  • [Book] Society of Tiredness, by Byung-Chul Han

    • People are demanding more and more to deliver results - making themselves vigilant and executioners of their actions. In an age where we could work less and earn more, the positivity ideology operates a perverse inversion: we submit to work more and receive less.


  • [Documentary] Minimalism, by Matt D'Avella on Netflix

    • A documentary that seeks to reflect on a way of life that values things that are really important. Learn more .

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Fabio Iori

  • [Book] Revolution of Plants, by Stefano Mancuso

    • When we rely so much on digital and technology as the only means to proceed and evolve, we forget to look at nature, which for billions of years has been adapting and innovating without any such tools. In this book, specifically, plants are discussed and analyzed as intelligent beings, completely different from humans, and, for that very reason, with so much to teach us. ​


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Pedro Piovan


  • [Book] Time Management for Creative People, by Donald Roos

    • For me, tiredness is about time; when i read this book i was able to understand how to organize myself well to manage my creative, productive and idle time.

  • [Book] Remote, by Jason Fried and  David Heinemeier Hansson

    • They are the popes of work management, in my view. Much of what I read here is reference to this day.

  • [Book/Film] Fight Club

    • ​ A classic, which shows the main character fighting the fatigue of his routine life. And what are the limits of that.

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Vinicius Bolognese

  • [Article] Guide to Internal Communication

    • The how, where, why and when we communicate. Asynchronous long form? Chat in real time? In person? Video? Verbal? Written? Via email? At Basecamp? How do we keep everyone informed without everyone getting involved in each other's business? It's all here .


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