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Rehearsal Guys

April 9, 2021

Image by United Nations COVID-19 Respons

Some tips from our team :

Dani Martins

  • [Book] The Courage to be Imperfect, by Brené Brown

    • Brené travels within ourselves and gives very important tips on how to accept our own vulnerability, overcome shame and dare to be who you are.

  • [Documentary] A Call do Courage, on Netflix

    • The documentary portrays Brené Brown as she discusses what it takes to choose courage over comfort in today's culture. Learn more .

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Leo Chiodi

  • [Book] Fun Home, by Alison Bechdel

    • In this comic, Alison is brilliant in portraying her own life, her vulnerabilities in the more than complex relationship with her father in rural Pennsylvania. A true Tragicomedy.

  • [Documentary] Design Matters, by Essay

    • Let's take a homemade tip! We have already produced a series in which we tell the step by step of an innovation project with the NSI support team. There are 4 episodes you can watch on our YouTube Channel. ​


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Nalu Tomb

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[YouTube Channel] Relationships Simplified

There is a playlist of videos there to help people deal with this moment of COVID-19 with themes such as grief, fatigue, fear, work at the home-office, etc. Francisco Nogueira He is a screenwriter for the channel, which is presented by Nina. To access the channel, just click here

(Francisco Nogueira, creator of the channel, together with Nina Campos, gave us an exclusive interview about vulnerability and support. To access it, become an epifanie: )

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Gustavo Moreno

  • [Book] The Ridiculous Idea of Never See You Again, by Rosa Montero

    • A book about grief and its consequences, which navigates masterfully between fiction and memory: when Rosa Montero read the impressive diary (included as an appendix to this book) that Marie Curie wrote after her husband's death, she felt the story This fascinating woman had a sad connection with her own: Pablo Lizcano, her companion for 21 years, had died shortly after facing cancer. The consequences of this loss generated this dizzying and touching book about death, but above all about the ties that unite us to the extreme of life.


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Paola Herrero

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[Podcast] Episode "Is depression a rich thing?" by Schizophrenias

In this episode of Amanda Ramalho's Podcast, Verônica (Faxina Boa) tells how she fell ill while working with telemarketing. She has been in line at SUS to make an appointment with a psychiatrist for two years. To listen, just click  here

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