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Rehearsal Guys

May 14, 2021

Image by Jakob Owens

Some tips from our team :

Pedro Piovan

  • [Book] O Bem Viver, by Alberto Costa

    • This is an excellent book that takes us on a journey of criticism about the models we have today and what models we need to create for the future.

  • [Documentary] Tarja Branca, directed by Cacau Rhoden

    • This documentary portrays very well how we unlearn how to play and how much playing is basic to our existence. I recommend!

  • [Book] Utopian Tropics, by Eduardo Gianetti

    • a book that allows us to rethink our cultural and economic models. From an economist's point of view, it is an excellent book to introduce yourself to this debate (I recommend all of his books, inclusive!)

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Jessica Piovan

  • [Documentary] Sustainable

    • Do you know where your food comes from? Where did it grow and who produced it? The documentary Sustainable (Sustainable) shows how the world distanced itself from the food and the history behind its production. But a growing movement has put the spotlight on these issues, highlighting threats to the current food production system and opportunities for more local and ecological production.

  • [Documentary] Salt of the Earth

    • A documentary about the trajectory of the renowned photographer Sebastião Salgado, from his first works in Serra Pelada, the record of poverty in Africa and the Northeast of Brazil to his masterpiece, Genesis. Travel around the world and your ethical and environmental dilemmas told through the lenses of the Brazilian photographer and his friend and director Wim Wenders.

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Fabio Iori



  • [Documentary] Extraordinary Garbage, on Netflix

    • Documentary that follows the work of artist Vik Muniz at Jardim Gramacho, a sanitary landfill in Rio de Janeiro, and which in the process gives face and voice to people invisible to the rest of society.

  • [Documentary] Amazon 4.0, on YouTube

    • Documentary produced by Grape ESG that exposes the current state of a forest on the verge of collapse - and how we can turn it around. Watch here .

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Leonardo Chiodi

  • [Documentary] Ilha das Flores, by Jorge Furtado

    • Documentary (short film) by one of my favorite directors, Ilha das Flores (1989) is one of those works that many people watched in high school, but it is always good to revisit to understand that, often, we should look more at the basics. Available on multiple platforms.

  • [Disc] Surviving in Hell, Racionais MC's

    • A record that revolutionized the Brazilian phonographic industry, Sobrevivendo no Inferno is a required literature for USP entrance exams. Mano Brown, Edi Rock, Ice Blue and KL Jay bring the periphery to narrate the daily lives of those who survive even with the lack of basics. The work can be heard on all platforms and read in a book published by Companhia das Letras.

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