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Bysoft is a software company for Foreign Trade recently acquired by the Australian group WiseTech. With the acquisition of a multinational, the Brazilian company received a series of coordinates on how the company should become, along the lines of international protocols.

The challenge: how can we bring Australian culture into the Brazilian mold?

it all comes down to experience


The project was launched with the following bias: "we must bring Australian culture to Brazilian molds". In other words, we need to translate to the areas of the company what Customer Experience, Human-Centered Design is, among many other terms focused on the customer.

Essay joined the Bysoft team and proposed a new definition of the company: Bysoft is a Customer Experience company that sells software in the Foreign Trade area through the empowerment of its employees.

Sector: Marketing

As part of the process, the Bysoft+Ensaio team went to the client's side to understand which approach he would like to receive: after all, nowadays we choose the emails we open and we want them to have interesting content.

Using Growth Hacking techniques, the Bysoft+Ensaio team tested 108 different tactics to talk to people, from online and offline activations.

We reached a final stage with 5 tactics validated and ready to be scaled by a team trained to be risk takers and design thinkers. In addition, for two months the Bysoft+Ensaio team increased the number of hot leads for the company by 36%.

Sector: Commercial

The Bysoft+Ensaio team experienced experiences in which people should be decision makers in risk scenarios, in addition to working in scenarios of uncertainty and adversity.

Amidst dynamics aimed at creating metric solutions and training, three main success metrics and a new team meeting model were established: a Training Center based on experimentation and collaboration.

The Bysoft+Ensaio team created connections between the people on the team to fill the gaps left by the migration of corporate culture.

Result: in two months, we increased the company's income by 16% and 25%, consecutively.

Sector: Support

Sitting next to the client was a priority: the Bysoft+Colab team physically approached the client through an internal sponsorship program.

In collaboration, the support team created follow-up follow-up solutions, as well as success metrics that would be reported directly to headquarters.

Result: a 25% call backlog decrease and a team that listens to the customer.

Sector: Product

Innovation can be a difficult and dangerous path: we shouldn't create something for ourselves, but for the customer.

Approaching the customer, we saw what he needed (not just what he said); bringing all areas of the company together, we understand what the areas understood the customer needed.

Result: through a Design Thinking process, 3 validated product innovation prototypes were developed.

Fernando, Marketing Director

Assay's work provided new experiences and sensations throughout the Bysoft team.

This work, in addition to aggregating information, is changing the company-client relationship and making the customer journey and their involvement with Bysoft much more human.

The skill in conducting Design Thinking and Growth Hacking techniques was a key factor for the project's success.

Edneia, General Director

Learn to measure our results correctly  made it possible for us to change the pricing and product offer strategy, making it, in the 3rd,  month of the project, the company achieved a 25% increase in the volume of business generated.


In addition, Ensaio contributed to changing the mind-set of our sales team, using good design thinking practices, helping us to solve productivity, relationships, processes and software problems, at the end of our project.

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