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An idea can be just an idea. 

Good product teams can only develop 1/4 of all ideas generated to create a product.  But how do you know if the idea can actually become a product?

The challenge: how can we validate a new solution to the market?

How to build a desirable product?


It is very common for companies to take more than 6 months to be sure they must develop a certain product. But we didn't have this time.

Using Design Sprint 2.0, an agile process for validating the product with the market, we spent four days immersed in the challenge that the product suggested to solve, dialoguing with all parties in the sector.

On the first day, we immersed ourselves in the problem: how can we create a system that performed a bureaucratic process automatically, optimizing, on average, 10 hours of operational work?

On the second day, we created the product concept in a collaborative way with all the people involved in the chain of this process.

On the third day, we designed the prototype of the system - almost as real. 

On the fourth day, the most important: market validation. Using the in-depth research technique, we interviewed 5 market players who could use the system, making them go through the usage experience.

Result: 2 possible sales.


Creating a summary of Design Sprint 2.0, it was defined by the multidisciplinary team that the concept was validated and the company was sure to invest in product development.  

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