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Bootcamps Incompany

3 days of immersion to solve any complex challenge in your company  learning and applying innovation tools with proven ROI.


Aprenda a gerar soluções inovadoras em um processo centrado no ser humano


Seu time capaz de criar uma solução no modelo Lean Startup, fazendo de sua área uma startup.


Conceitos e práticas do gerenciamento ágil dentro da metodologia SCRUM


Torne seu time especialista em Scrum e implemente o framework em sua operação.


Aprenda esse processo que gera inovação de forma rápida e com baixo custo


Seu time identificando quais são as tendências que o futuro promete para sua organização. Antecipe o futuro e lidere-o.

The main problem is:  companies hire generic training that does not connect with the real challenges that the areas face and is beautiful in theory, but with little applicability. In the end, people don't implement the tools they saw.

That's why we created the Essay Incompany front:  we help companies and teams to form innovation behaviors and technical skills. In the training itself, we bring a challenge that the team passes on and teach the innovation tools to solve these problems.

As soon as we receive your contact,  we'll understand the challenges you want to solve, we'll design the schedule based on that, and we'll provide practical, implementable training that generates real results.


We use the MIT learning methodology, known as Learn By Doing. We will learn the main concepts and tools in practice.

Utilizamos a metodologia do MIT de aprendizagem, conhecida por Learn By Doing. Aprenderemos os principais conceitos e ferramentas na prática.

All this generating...

Transformation of mental model in the team, leaving everyone ready to solve complex problems through innovation frameworks, interacting with the main tools in practice.


Next steps defined through a complete document such as an action plan and tips for implementation.

Online courses

An innovation laboratory in your home. We open our doors to help you bring innovation wherever you are. These are our online courses:

Design Thinking as
engine of innovation

Design Thinking is not just a process, it is an approach with sufficient breadth to propose innovation engineering.

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how to become a
Workshop Facilitator

Learn how to facilitate Workshops to streamline the creation of innovative solutions using Design Thinking tools and methods.


Essay has brought together a community for innovation enthusiasts and challengers.  status quo: the Epiphany .

Essay's secret group gives you access to exclusive content published every week about Innovation, Entrepreneurship,  Design thinking, Productivity, Time Management and more.

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