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a community
for innovation enthusiasts
and challengers of the status quo .

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Essay's secret group has arrived on Telegram and you can have access to exclusive content published every week about Innovation, Entrepreneurship,

Design thinking, Productivity, Time Management and more .

By subscribing to Epiphany, you will have access to all the benefits below:

Innovation Pills

Weekly audiovisual bulletin with special tips on innovation, productivity and entrepreneurship.


A complete Toolbox, updated every week with application tutorials .


Exclusive podcasts where members will have the opportunity to interact with guests .

Exclusive session for subscribers of our Digital Magazine, with interviews and

special materials .


You will have access to the web/mobile player wherever you want , being able to access it offline .




Exchange experiences with our community and interact with Essay and its guests.


Every month, we will give away mentioned artifacts

in the contents (books, tools, courses, etc.)

Who is part says:


"The set of information has allowed me to expand my knowledge and helped me to speed up my definitions about projects and decision-making. My repertoire has been greatly enriched, I couldn't have learned so much in a short period of time!"

Edneia Chebabi

Technology company CEO


"Epiphany is that "most" place you always look for on the internet, which shows you very useful tools both in your work routine and in your personal moments, apart from the content and conversations that always provide you with a creative gain. It's like watching to a rehearsal of a play with access to the script, costumes and backstage!"

James Smith

Graphic Designer in advertising agency

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The learning you need

for less than  1 real per day!


The learning you need

for less than  1 real per day!

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