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Theoretical and practical meetings that go deeper from the definition of the team's challenge to its conception and/or implementation, with the objective of generating and/or catalyzing a sustainable and healthy innovation with proven ROI .

In fully collaborative processes, we identify problems at root causes, devise solutions, prototype, test, create MVPs and implement.

Innovation with ROI

Assay doesn't believe in magic, that's why we customize all innovation projects and work with a few selected clients.


This solution is for companies that need to solve complex problems in an innovative way with a process that accelerates results:

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of Problems

Discovery processes,

steps of understanding...


and Test

Process of



of solutions

Dual Track Agile...

Creation of


Lean Process, Lean Startup….

Ideation of


Designs Sprints, step of

co-creation, lean inception...

Through these processes, your organization will have:


We eliminate barriers that impede innovation as a process. That's what the most innovative companies do.

Eliminamos barreiras que impedem a inovação como processo. É isso o que as empresas mais inovadoras fazem.


Instead of imposing our knowledge, we involve your team to create the solution. Everyone feels part of the project, adding knowledge from different areas and people who know exactly what the bottlenecks are. We bring the process and the expert.

Em vez de impor nosso conhecimento, envolvemos o seu time para a criação da solução. Todos se sentem parte do projeto, agregando com o conhecimento de diferentes áreas e com pessoas que sabem exatamente quais são os gargalos. Nós trazemos o processo e o especialista.

Execution Map

Next steps defined through a complete document such as an action plan and direction for implementation.

Próximos passos definidos através de um documento completo com plano de ação e direcionamento para a implementação.


At the end of the process, we make available all the documented actions, as well as the lessons learned, and the calculated ROI.

Ao fim do processo, disponibilizamos todas as ações documentadas, assim como os aprendizados, e o ROI calculado.

Out of the box

Process that brings innovation and team collaboration that felt engaged in the solution creation process.

Processo que traz inovação e a colaboração do time, que se sente engajado nas etapas de criação da solução.

Resource Savings

In just 4 days we were able to find the main challenge and put it into action to test the solution, mitigating errors.

Em apenas 4 dias, conseguimos encontrar o desafio principal e colocar em ação para testar a solução, mitigando erros.

All this generating...

Cultural change and mental model : the team involved in the project lives the fundamentals of design throughout the process (empathy, collaboration and prototyping), understands its value and starts to consider them in their daily lives.


We plant and help to cultivate the seed of innovation.

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